About Us

HERO Inc., a new and innovative non-profit in Jacksonville, Florida has a global mission:

To combat childhood obesity through health education, community partnership, and access to existing federal, state, and local health and nutrition programs. We are mobile. We are unique. We are passionate about health and nutrition. Our goal is to improve the wellness of our children of today and the future through education and awareness of obesity and effects on our overall health.
We are a small organization with big experience...

HERO Inc. is founded by a Nurse Practitioner with experience in educating undergraduate nursing students at a top School of Nursing in the USA. Years of experience caring for older adults with diabetes and heart disease, highlighted the need for early intervention and health promotion.

The co-founder is a Lieutenant of the Royal Australian Navy, also serving the United States Navy in Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida. She coordinated the Relief Efforts for the Haiti disaster in January 2010.

Professional memberships include:

Mobile Health Network Member
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Member
Professional Womens Coalition
Jacksonville Obesity Coalition Member