Health Education to Reduce Obesity

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HERO: Health Education to Reduce Obesity is the FIRST mobile health education program to focus primarily on fitness and nutrition as a way to combat obesity.
Without early education and intervention in an accessible and hands-on way childhood obesity will continue to rise.

We are bringing health education into schools and our communities.
HERO will empower children through knowledge of the human body and how fitness and nutrition actually does influence our physical body.

The HERO team consisting of a nurse, fitness instructor, and trained volunteers provides FREE hands-on nutrition and fitness programs to underserved schools and communities.

Working closely with the Department of Education and Department of Health, we provide the missing link to make sure our children receive the knowledge to help them lead healthy and active lives.
The FOOD PYRAMID has a new look...the USDA introduced a colorful plate to better demonstrate the dietary recommendations:

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HERO is a proud Community Partner of the USDA ChoosMyPlate Program.

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Now a PLATE instead of PYRAMID...still colorful!
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